1 July 2013

A year with Garance!

This is not new, right? You already know me - I suppose - from my Tumblr Gato d'Alice, right? Maybe not. So this is new! I decided to bring my three year old Tumblr to the bloggsphere (what a ridiculous word) because things are changing and... Well, you'll see.

About a year ago I met a friend, cutest, smartest and funniest friend, who encouraged me to venture into the magical world of colourful fashion. Oh yes, sounds silly, indeed. But you know me, young-ever-changing-academic-person-turned-fashion-enthusiast.

Not that suddenly I was bored. And, boy, this is a hard thing to notice and ever harder to admit. I was so bored with academic-bla-bla-bla... I was sad and un-colourful (did I just invent that?). And that's when I met that friend of mine, who, not surprisingly (I guess) I first encountered on the very day I first met Garance Dore.

So life was signalling me, like those airport guys with red-green lanterns saying 'yes-no' to the airplanes. It was telling me not to be afraid, there was room for change, there IS room for change. And that's what's been happening since then. 

It's been a year of remarkable and colourful changes! Hurray! But nothing's that easy, you know? And this tumblr-turned-blog is part of the changes. It is me being truly - and finally - honest with myself about the things I like. The things I love. (and those I don't really fancy)

I recently got together with another cutest and loveliest friend, who's a fashion journalist and image consultant, and she helped me give colours to the changes! Literally through colour analysis - we'll talk more about that later in another post. And that made me wonder how good it is to be humble and accept the changes, to be humble to ask for caress and to embrace whatever wishes you have, even if they sound a bit too crazy or unachievable even between you and the mirror.
And this text, my friends, is me believing.

That's why I named this post 'A year with Garance'. Garance, here, meaning change.

'What have you learned so far with your short-but-ever-lasting contact with fashion?' you ask.
Well, the answers - they're pretty plural - we'll discuss throughout the next posts. As for the moment, I must reveal two sources of constant inspiration:

1. Elin Kling.

Simples as that. Swedish ex-model turned fashion stylist and style director of her own magazine, this girl (who's my age, just so you know) made me realised that being simple and stylish is a perfect combination. I have always been very minimalistic - to be accurate - and that always made me feel a bit our of place in fashion because everyone always seemed to full of, let's say, things. And the myth of the effortless chic so unachievable. But then I saw Elin, two years ago, in her stylebykling and I realised 'wait a minute, you're in the right track as long as you remain true to yourself'. (we'll also talk more about this later). Her blog inspires me with the simplest details and short texts.

2. My life. In London.

Do I really need to say anything about this?

The photo with Garance, right above, was taken a bit more than a year ago, at Kate Space Covent Garden, when she launched her collaboration with the brand. Don't worry about my hair and glasses and my chubby cheeks... **laughing** The changes are visual and you'll see.

Well, I hope you enjoy the ride. For I already do.


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